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H&W Computer Systems delivers first new product from partnership with Watson & Walker

H&W is announcing the release of the new BoxScore II software, the first product developed under the partnership with Watson & Walker, headed by Cheryl Watson.

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H&W forms new partnership with Watson & Walker, headed by Cheryl Watson

H&W announced today that it has formed a partnership with Watson & Walker, headed by mainframe expert Cheryl Watson, to develop new software for organizations relying on mainframes.

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H&W president assumes CEO role

H&W's president, Matt Link, is adding the title of CEO. In the dual role, Link will be responsible for both the strategic and tactical direction of the company.

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H&W software ready to work with the new release of CICS as of Day One

H&W is announcing that its software is ready to support CICS 5.3. The news release provides more information about supported versions of each product.

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H&W to support its software for Day One release of new z/OS version

H&W is offering Day One support for its products running on z/OS 2.2 so customers can upgrade as soon as they're ready. Products include SYSB-II, SYSB, SYSD (with PTF), and CPMS (with PTF), among others.

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New 6.6 version of SYSB-II software offers enhanced performance, security, ease of use

H&W has announced the new 6.6 version of the SYSB-II software featuring new control-file options for greater flexibility and usability as well as new history-file tools for improving performance, among other enhancements.

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New report uncovers the state of CICS in the modern enterprise

H&W Computer Systems has released the first report in three years about the state of CICS. Based on the recent survey from Enterprise Tech Journal, the report discusses CICS' importance, its perceived future, and if past predictions came true.

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Long-time employee named new president

Long-time employee Matthew Link has been tapped to replace owner Mary Chaffin as president.

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H&W announces CICS 5.2 support for its software portfolio

H&W Computer Systems has announced support for its software running under IBM's CICS Transaction Server, version 5.2. This support is available for H&W's SYSB-II®, SYSD®, CPMS®, JES2Web®, SYSJ, SYSM®, and Wizard Mail software.

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H&W announces general availability for the 7.2 version of SYSD and CPMS

H&W Computer Systems has announced the release of the 7.2 version of its SYSD and CPMS software.

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First-ever mainframe application availability reveals insights from Enterprise Tech Journal readers

H&W has published the first-ever report about mainframe application availability based on responses to a new survey that ETJ conducted. The report discusses uptime expectations; impact of downtime on users, the business units, and systems; and the causes of planned and unplanned downtime.

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