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Before calling H&W Support

Use the following resources to eliminate unnecessary calls and save time. These resources require that you log in. If you have never logged in, you must request an account.

  • Read the product documentation. Many questions are answered in the product manuals.
  • Check out the Support FAQs for your product.
  • Review the Tech tips for your product. New tips are added all the time.
  • Review current compatibility tables. Make sure you are on the current release.

When calling H&W Support make sure you have:

  • Customer ID or name of the company that owns the H&W product.
  • Phone number of the company that owns the product.
  • H&W product name.

Most of this information can be found on any H&W invoice.

This information allows our support staff to more efficiently resolve the issues you are facing. Thank you for your help.

Customer support

Phone: 1-208-377-8436

Contact Support to log a support incident

An H&W representative will contact you within 4 hours from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday. Otherwise, an H&W representative will contact you the next business day.

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