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File Sharing

White paper: How Transparent VSAM File Sharing based on CICS ensures updates with integrity

Download this white paper, Transparent VSAM File Sharing, to learn more about the approach SYSB-II uses to provide concurrent VSAM file sharing. By sharing VSAM files between CICS and batch from within CICS, you can rely on the strengths of CICS and avoid the complications that can come with other methods of sharing.


White paper: How VSAM RLS works and its role in ending CICS downtime

If you have CICS applications that rely on VSAM data, you know that batch processing can limit the application's online availability. One way to deal with the issue is to use VSAM Record-Level Sharing, or VSAM RLS.


White paper: Using Transactional VSAM to let CICS and batch access VSAM files concurrently

Transactional VSAM (DFSMStvs, or TVS) is an optional z/OS feature that enables batch jobs and CICS transactions to concurrently update shared VSAM data sets. Multiple batch jobs and CICS transactions can process with the same VSAM data sets. Data integrity is ensured for both CICS and concurrent batch updates. In this white paper, you will learn more about how this option works, the features, and the issues to consider.

Alternatives WP

White paper: How to keep CICS online and accessing VSAM during batch

Organizations face a growing need for CICS to be online more to accommodate longer hours of service, new business opportunities, and more time zones. Yet, they still have to figure out how to find time for batch to update the same VSAM files that CICS needs. This conflict for time and control has led companies to look at various solutions so they can have CICS available and serving the business for as many hours as possible each day.


Briefing: How VSAM RLS helps with CICS availability, and where it falls short

If you’re among the estimated 90 percent of organizations with CICS applications that rely on VSAM files, you know that updating those files can involve availability and data integrity issues. In a traditional environment, only one CICS region or one batch process at a time can have control over the VSAM files to maintain data integrity. VSAM RLS changes that, but myths about everything it can do still exist.

Parallelism Briefing

Briefing: How applying parallelism to batch can shorten window, improve response

In order to see further improvements in response times and elapsed times, organizations can look at parallel processing, or the simultaneous use of more than one processor to execute a program. However, applying parallelism concepts to VSAM batch can pose a challenge because batch is a traditionally linear process.

CICS Report

Report: The state of CICS in the modern enterprise

How important is CICS today, and how does your organization compare? In the first CICS report since 2012, discover IT professionals' assessment of CICS, what they think of its place in IT, and the challenges of its interactions with data. This report is based on a survey from Enterprise Tech Journal conducted with systems programmers, architects, managers, and senior managers.

In this report, you'll see:

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