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In the news

  • H&W supporting SYSB-II for IBM's new z/OS 2.3 on first day of its release
  • H&W adds new SYSB-AJR to make recovery for native batch simpler
  • H&W's SYSB-II software is ready for Day One support of CICS 5.4
  • New SYSB-II version with enhanced journaling and recovery just released
  • H&W releases first product from partnership with Watson & Walker
  • H&W forms new partnership with Watson & Walker, headed by Cheryl Watson
  • H&W president assumes CEO role
  • H&W software covered for Day One support with new CICS release
  • H&W offering Day One support for z/OS 2.2
  • H&W announces SYSB-II 6.6
  • Report uncovers state of CICS in the modern enterprise
  • Long-time employee named new president
  • H&W announces CICS 5.2 support for its software portfolio
  • H&W announces general availability for the 7.2 version of SYSD and CPMS
  • First-ever availability report based on Enterprise Tech Journal survey ready now

Product announcements

  • H&W's new SYSB-AJR for automated recovery for batch available now
  • New SYSB-II 6.7 with enhanced journaling and recovery available now
  • H&W releases BoxScore II 1.1
  • H&W releases SYSB-II 6.6
  • H&W releases SYSD 7.2
  • H&W releases SYSS 5.1
  • H&W releases JES2Web 1.3

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