White paper: How to keep CICS online and accessing VSAM during batch

Organizations face a growing need for CICS to be online more to accommodate longer hours of service, new business opportunities, and more time zones. Yet, they still have to figure out how to find time for batch to update the same VSAM files that CICS needs. This conflict for time and control has led companies to look at various solutions so they can have CICS available and serving the business for as many hours as possible each day.

This white paper presents an overview of easy and not-so-easy ways that businesses can address the issue. Explore approaches like VSAM RLS, transactional VSAM (TVS), and EXCI and understand what they do, how they work, and their limitations. Also learn about an approach that makes batch requests look like any other transaction so CICS and batch can update VSAM files at the same time, while preserving data integrity.

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