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Learn how VSAM RLS can – and can’t – eliminate downtime for VSAM-reliant CICS applications. Explore whether you need another solution to give CICS and batch concurrent access to VSAM.
As performance gains from upgrading to faster processors potentially disappear, see how parallelism can improve performance of batch, reduce run times, and potentially lower costs.
Learn about TVS, VSAM RLS, transparent file sharing, and other alternatives that allow CICS applications to access VSAM data while batch runs. Read about how they work and the benefits and limitations of each.
what the data reveals about the state of CICS today – its importance, uses, and future. See if past predictions came true. Based on the Enterprise Tech Journal survey.
Uncover how to improve business results by keeping CICS applications up while VSAM batch runs, with full read/write capabilities and data integrity. Find out how organizations process batch when business demands it.

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