BoxScore II capacity assessment software

Your system exists in a state of perpetual flux, with new hardware and software being introduced routinely and configuration changes happening constantly. Although this situation is inevitable, some changes cause unnecessary CPU usage, costing you money and forcing premature capacity upgrades.

Verify initial performance and find undetected issues to contain costs

Developed with mainframe expert Cheryl Watson, BoxScore II is the only independent solution that capacity and performance planners can use to:

  • Verify the value of new hardware and software against an actual workload mix, ensuring correct usage calculations and potentially saving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars each year if something like a new CPU underperforms.
  • Review performance week to week to find hidden issues that configuration changes caused before they result in a premature need to add capacity or result in excess charges on future workload-licensing bills.
  • Compare performance of your actual workload mix on a new CPU versus the old one to calculate fair normalization for chargeback, or confirm outsourcer charges.
  • Identify specific transactions and programs that a configuration change is affecting.

How does capacity assessment software differ from traditional performance management and capacity management software? In production, performance management solutions find “spiking” issues, not steadily growing ones. And capacity management solutions find changes at the service-class level but can’t pinpoint the cause without significant drill down.

Gain capacity assessment insights from a trusted source

BoxScore II capacity assessment software is an affordable way to illuminate hidden issues and get expert advice to correct them. Run it every time you upgrade to verify initial performance. Run it each week to find applications, jobs, or transactions whose CPU usage is growing slowly or has changed dramatically.

  • Rely on analysis and product functionality based on proven calculations and guidance from mainframe expert Cheryl Watson.
  • End dependence on homegrown solutions that are ever more complex to maintain and difficult for newer staff to use.
  • Easily view workload data from an intuitive, browser-based interface that allows less-experienced or less-technical staff to understand the impact of changes.

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