Use JES2Web to affordably convert JES2 output to PDF or text for automatic or ad-hoc mainframe report distribution

JES2Web is mainframe software that provides the ability to convert JES2 output into PDF or text documents. You can then e-mail JES2 output automatically or on an ad-hoc basis to your distribution lists, reducing or eliminating the traditional costs and time requirements of JES2 report printing and distribution.

JES2Web is an affordable solution for small- and medium-sized organizations that need these capabilities without the expense and complication of large content-management systems.

Reduce printing and mainframe report distribution costs

It's difficult to justify the cost of printing and manually distributing hardcopy JES2 reports. JES2Web e-mails JES2 output directly to recipients, allowing them to print only the reports or pages they need. The cost of unnecessary printing, hardcopy document delivery, and document storage can be reduced or eliminated.

Save staff time

To automatically convert JES2 output to PDF or text documents and e-mail them, technical staff can include JES2Web in the mainframe batch process by adding a new job step to a batch job. Once in place, JES2Web automatically converts JES2 output and delivers it, eliminating a traditionally manual mainframe report-distribution process.

To convert JES2 output to PDF or text documents on an ad-hoc basis, nontechnical staff members access JES2Web from a browser interface with access to z/OS. From there, they can view, manage, convert, and e-mail JES2 output independently, without the help of technical staff.

Improve service by simplifying management of JES2 output and mainframe data

Until now, nontechnical staff didn't have an easy way to view JES2 output, manage queues, or create PDF versions of ad-hoc reports on their own. JES2Web changes that with a browser interface you can tailor to show the mainframe data they need, using terminology they understand.

Staff can use this browser interface to generate PDF or text versions of JES2 output on their own, at their convenience.

JES2 report recipients also enjoy more useful data and the time-saving features of PDF or text-based documents. These features include the ability to save JES2 output locally, search for key data, print selected pages, and easily import information into other applications and documents.

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