JES2Web features and benefits

Document creation and e-mail distribution

JES2Web provides quick, convenient access to JES2 output. The software:

  • Provides mainframe report delivery via email
  • Converts JES2 output to PDF or text documents
  • Takes advantage of the capabilities of PDF viewer plug-ins
  • Provides the ability to add watermarks, passwords, and other PDF features to documents
  • E-mails reports to distribution lists automatically as a job step of a scheduled or unscheduled batch process

Mainframe integration and resources

JES2Web makes efficient use of mainframe resources. The software:

  • Installs on the mainframe
  • Provides SAF interfaces and programmable exits
  • Does not use TSO resources or require SDSF authorization
  • Manages job output for purge, release, update, and hold actions according to JOE or job output group
  • Provides a view of JES2 initiators and positions of jobs within the initiator

Customizable browser interface with mainframe access

JES2Web reduces support calls by providing a browser interface to the mainframe that matches your staff's needs. The software:

  • Provides multiple browser interface views
  • Allows you to customize terms used in the browser interface
  • Filters mainframe data by date ranges, users, job names, and more
  • Allows access to reports from any location that has browser access to the mainframe
  • Allows you to limit access using profiles and filters

Secure access and delivery

JES2Web prevents casual interception and reading of mainframe data sent via e-mail. The software:

  • Uses standard mainframe security interfaces to provide secure access to JES2 output
  • Encrypts mainframe report data sent via e-mail
  • Enables creation of password-protected PDF documents
  • Provides secure access for JES2 report delivery

Strategic partnerships:

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