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BoxScore II

BoxScore II is capacity assessment software. It finds hidden issues and provides expert advice to correct them. Run it every time you upgrade to verify you’re getting the performance for which you paid. Run it each week to find applications, jobs, or transactions whose CPU usage is growing slowly or has changed dramatically.

BoxScore II: Verify capacity and find and correct hidden performance issues


SYSB-II makes batch part of your data-on-demand strategy by allowing CICS and batch to concurrently access VSAM files without program modifications. SYSB-II expands the functionality of CICS by allowing batch jobs to appear as another online CICS transaction. SYSB-II supports CICS sync pointing, dynamic transaction backout processing, journaling and recovery, and more.

SYSB-II: Make batch part of your data-on-demand strategy


SYSB-AJR provides automated file recovery after abends in native batch, or batch that isn’t sharing VSAM files with CICS. See how to reduce the time and stress involved with manual recovery using SYSB-AJR.

SYSB-AJR: Automate file recovery after abends in native batch


JES2Web converts JES2 output into PDF or text documents and e-mails them automatically or on an ad-hoc basis to save mainframe printing and distribution costs.

JES2Web: Convert JES2 output to PDF or text and e-mail automatically


CICS Print Management System (CPMS) allows CICS users to monitor, route, and manage print jobs online. CPMS can be purchased separately from SYSD/CPMS.

CPMS: Monitor, route, and manage print jobs online


SYSD is a CICS-based complement to TSO ISPF and SDSF. With SYSD, CICS users can edit, browse, submit jobs, display and monitor the JES2 spool, route print jobs, control system and CICS printers, and use DASD and CICS monitoring/debugging utilities. When combined with CPMS, SYSD allows CICS users to monitor, route, and manage print jobs online.

SYSD: Get TSO ISPF and SDSF-like functionality for CICS users


SYSD/JFT (Job and File Tailoring) is an optional interface to SYSD and CPMS. SYSD/JFT allows easy development and presentation of custom CICS screens.

SYSD/JFT: Develop custom CICS screens


SYSD/ATP (Access to Panvalet) is an optional interface to SYSD that allows SYSD to manage CA-Panvalet libraries. The interface is fully integrated with the normal SYSD edit and browse screens. SYSD/ATP supports editing, browsing, directory maintenance, multiple libraries, and CA-Panvalet security and audit features.

SYSD/ATP: Manage CA-Panvalet libraries


SYSJ is an application development tool that creates SYSOUT data sets on the JES2 spool from CICS. SYSJ operates in foreground and background mode and allows users to queue data to selected printers.

SYSJ: Create SYSOUT data sets on the JES2 spool from CICS


SYSS provides users with the ability to read existing reports (JES2 or OS data sets) and create specific reports based on individual, department, or remote site requirements.

SYSS: Create JES2 reports


SYSM is a mainframe, CICS-based e-mail system that provides messaging, personal calendars, resource and conflict-resolution scheduling, smart electronic forms, bulletin boards, and file cabinets.

SYSM: Provide mainframe e-mail

Wizard Mail

Wizard Mail is an entry-level, CICS-based electronic mail package that offers all standard e-mail functions, including sending and reading mail, directory of messages, user lists, bulletin boards, calendaring and scheduling, and file cabinets.

Wizard Mail: Provide affordable mainframe e-mail

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