Manufacturing industry: Streamline inventory and ordering for more profitable operations

Manufacturers have to deliver products on tight schedules on a regular basis to keep customers. H&W has business software solutions to help manufacturers use data wisely and make their processes more efficient.

SYSB-II allows you to process VSAM batch during the business day, without impacting CICS online activity.

  • Read the SYSB-II data sheets
  • Explore SYSB-II case studies
    • Case study: McJunkin (PDF). McJunkin is a national distributor that delivers key parts and supplies to the largest energy and processing-industry companies in America. It needed to process EDI orders in a 30-minute turnaround time to retain its biggest customers.
    • Case study: Hanes Industries. With the process it was using, Hanes Industries saw CICS would hold a resource that the batch process needed, and vice versa when Hanes was updating its inventory application. SYSB-II solved the problem.

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