SYSB-II case study

Hanes Industries, a division of Hanes Companies

Business objective: Increase CICS availability
Application: Inventory Management
Operating system: VSE
Alternatives replaced: CA ShareOption

The textile industry is a vital part of the U.S. economy, providing more than 2 million jobs in the U.S. and over $219 billion in consumer sales. In recent years, as production of textiles has expanded, the scope of industry concerns has become broader and more complex. Business partners require 24/7 CICS availability from their suppliers, and customers expect to get what they want in an "Internet minute." Companies no longer have the luxury of taking applications away from customers, business partners, or employees for periods of time to update files. Today, taking CICS away from users results in the loss of productivity, time, customer support, and, in most cases, money.

Hanes Industries needed to respond aggressively to customer needs, and knew taking CICS partitions down to process inventory was not an option. The company needed a better solution, which is what brought Hanes Industries to H&W's SYSB-II.

The problem

Hanes Industries was using CA ShareOption/4 to update its Inventory application through batch. The problem arose when CICS would hold a resource that the batch process needed and, in turn, the batch process would hold a resource that CICS needed.

"We had a deadly embrace between batch and online," said Steve Weifenbach, Technical Support Manager. "There's a point in ShareOption/4 where the internals of it will get, for lack of a better term, crossed up well enough that it won't release it, even if you cancel one of the applications."

The only way to get things working again was to bring down CICS and terminate the batch job. This method was not a viable option when you are talking about an Inventory application that has its hands in everything from inventory to order fulfillment.

The solution

When Hanes Industries decided it was time to make a change in data center availability and batch processing procedures, everyone was fully aware of what was at stake. With a relatively small data center, Hanes Industries has people who wear many different hats. It was important to find a solution that was effective but didn't require weeks for implementation, installation, and training. SYSB-II was brought into the data center and immediately put to the test.

"Inventory for one of our divisions is very, very critical. Without this application, invoicing doesn't happen and orders don't happen. It is a big program for us," said Weifenbach.

Hanes Industries was able to implement SYSB-II quickly, without source-code modifications, and it can now keep applications running, process batch, and keep CICS available all at the same time.

The bottom line

SYSB-II provides Hanes Industries with increased Inventory application availability and the ability to update files via batch throughout the business day without impacting the company's CICS user community.

"Because we are a VSE shop and one person is involved in many areas, it was nice to find an affordable solution with great technical support," said Weifenbach.

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