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SYSM is a mainframe e-mail application that communicates with Internet and other LAN-based e-mail systems. SYSM leverages your investment by turning your mainframe into a global messaging and workflow automation system.

SYSM mainframe e-mail improves productivity while minimizing TCO

SYSM mainframe e-mail improves individual and workgroup productivity while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50% or more. It does this simply by centralizing administrative functions. With SYSM, you can:

  • Manage messages by assigning alternate IDs, authorizing others to handle your e-mail, or deferring messages.
  • Prioritize and postdate messages.
  • Implement rules to ensure messages are acted upon.
  • Organize messages with SYSM file cabinets and folders.

SYSM mainframe e-mail automates business processes for PC and 3270 users

Use SYSM mainframe e-mail to improve productivity, save money, and automate approval processes by sending forms electronically to customers, employees, and suppliers. With SYSM Smart E-forms, you can reduce the need for paper forms, allow access to data from external applications, and track the progress of signatures and approvals.

With SYSM Smart E-forms, you can:

  • Improve efficiency by reducing duplication with company-wide e-forms for vacation scheduling, expense reporting, and other common tasks.
  • Track status of routed e-forms with electronic signatures and sequential routing that keeps the approval process moving.
  • Eliminate incomplete forms so you receive the information you need.
  • Calculate mathematical fields to reduce accounting errors.

Learn more about SYSM e-form services.

SYSM mainframe e-mail simplifies meeting scheduling

With SYSM mainframe e-mail, you input the day, duration, place, and attendees for meetings. SYSM mainframe e-mail checks all calendars, identifies conflicts, and finds a time when everyone is available.

With SYSM mainframe e-mail, you can:

  • Schedule, prioritize, and delegate tasks.
  • Schedule repetitive meetings.
  • Schedule conference rooms, VCRs, laptops, and projectors.
  • View other employees' personal calendars as well as conference room availability.

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