Corporate profile

James Hicks and Robert White founded H&W in 1979 in the basement of a home in Boise, Idaho. They began with one product and a driving philosophy of customer satisfaction. Privately held and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, H&W now employs dozens of industry-leading technical professionals committed to providing the finest business software solutions available and backing those solutions with unparalleled customer service. H&W provides business software solutions to hundreds of customers worldwide, including many Global 500 companies. Current customers represent industries such as banking, finance, insurance, retail, and government.

Customer satisfaction: H&W's top priority

Customer service remains H&W's guiding philosophy. When customers call, skilled, knowledgeable professionals address their concerns quickly and completely, whenever they need help. H&W offers 24/7 support and personal mentoring for all of its business software solutions.

H&W people make the difference

H&W employees share in the desire to provide exceptional business software solutions to corporations around the world. This commitment starts with the H&W management team, which provides the driving force behind an experienced, close-knit group of technical professionals. H&W employs some of the most experienced professionals in the distributed and mainframe computer software industry. These professionals develop and enhance new and existing business software solutions while helping customers address specific issues and needs.

Innovation: The key to H&W's success

H&W's success hinges on meeting universal customer objectives, which include mitigating risks, reducing costs, and making maximum use of resources. H&W helps customers meet these goals by anticipating their needs and continuously researching new technologies that will help them achieve success. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the H&W development team continually enhances H&W's portfolio of business software solutions based on what customers need to improve their business.