Strategic partnerships

H&W participates in strategic partnerships with leading industry organizations. H&W and its partners deliver maximum value by providing the best products and services available for mainframe and distributed computing environments. With its partners, H&W wants to help you realize increased profits, improved productivity, and greater customer satisfaction.

H&W has forged a partnership with Watson & Walker to develop software for solving the challenges facing organizations with mainframes. Watson & Walker, headed by mainframe authority Cheryl Watson, is an education, consulting, and software firm with extensive expertise in performance, measurement, and software cost reduction for the IBM z/OS operating system.

H&W is an Advanced Business Partner of the IBM PartnerWorld for Developers program. H&W has a long-standing relationship with IBM and has been providing solutions for IBM-related mainframe products and services for 25 years.

H&W is a vendor for IBM Destination z, which is a mainframe community focused on the IBM System z platform. By participating in this program, H&W works with IBM and other vendors to improve and promote System z and solutions intended specifically for organizations using System z.