Use SYSB-II to gain a competitive edge by keeping CICS online while batch runs

Industry-leading SYSB-II is mainframe computer software that allows you to process batch during the business day, without impacting CICS online activity, so you have current data on demand. SYSB-II doesn’t require application source-code changes, additional hardware, data migration, or rearchitecting your existing IT infrastructure.

SYSB-II allows CICS and batch to have concurrent access to IBM VSAM mainframe files. With SYSB-II, users have access to the most current data on demand so they can:

  • Make better business decisions using up-to-date information.
  • Make decisions in a timely manner, around the clock.

SYSB-II is a superior data center solution that benefits your IT organization by:

  • Avoiding the "rip and replace" risks of other solutions by leveraging your existing investment in your mainframe hardware, application software, and file systems.
  • Integrating easily with existing skill sets to eliminate retraining.
  • Working with current processes to avoid lengthy installation time and testing, as well as streamlining current procedures.

Minimize or eliminate the mainframe VSAM batch window

Companies that run batch to update IBM VSAM files know that having a batch window of several hours each night prevents them from reaching their business goals. If you’re investigating how to minimize the batch window, discover SYSB-II. This business software solution allows you to run batch during the day without impacting CICS online activity, and end users can get current data on demand.

Calculate the cost of downtime and ROI with SYSB-II

Research shows that businesses ranging from financial institutions to airline reservation services can be losing from $70,000 to $6.5 million dollars per hour when they take their CICS/VSAM applications down to process batch. Some of H&W's customers have reported recovering their SYSB-II investment in as little as 45 minutes of added uptime. So what is downtime costing you?

Calculate your business cost of downtime and the ROI for SYSB-II