SYSB-II case studies

See how SYSB-II can make batch part of your data-on-demand strategy and provide 24/7 availability to CICS applications while leveraging your existing investment in the IBM mainframe, application software, and file systems.

Boston College ends delays from batch processing, downtime for CICS due to deadlocks

Boston College is a top institution of higher learning, ranking 30th in U.S. News & World Reports' list of national universities for 2016. The school needed near real-time updates for VSAM-reliant CICS applications that had ties to other real-time systems, but the existing solution was experiencing more frequent downtime due to deadlocks. See how Boston College tackled the issue and also garnered unexpected benefits in other areas.

Boston College gains consistent, near real-time updates from VSAM (PDF)

Broadridge addresses growth by increasing availability of business critical apps

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. is a leading, global provider of technology solutions to the financial services industry. When the company began experiencing increased transaction volume due to its growing proxy voting service, it met this demand by increasing availability to its business-critical applications. See how Broadridge was able to increase availability by allowing CICS and batch to update the same VSAM files simultaneously.

Broadridge increases availability of business-critical apps, addresses growth (PDF)

Standard Life ensures customer service and SLAs, reduces costs

The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada, one of the leading companies in the financial services industry in Canada, provides asset management services to more than 1.3 million Canadians. To stay ahead of the competition, Stanadard Life wanted to provide customers with continuous availability from Web applications to data stored on the mainframe. See how Standard Life employed SYSB-II to achieve those goals and then discovered it could use SYSB-II to recover quickly from abends and improve performance of batch programs to reduce costs.

Standard Life provides continuous availability, shortens recovery time (PDF)

TIAA shortens nightly batch window, automates recovery, and more

TIAA is a Fortune 100 financial services company with more than $435 billion in combined assets under its management. When the organization recognized new opportunities to grow the business, it also had to find a way to offer concurrent access to data by both CICS and batch programs. Discover how TIAA incorporated SYSB-II to help manage transaction volume, shorten the nightly batch window, and automate recovery from abends to achieve business goals.

TIAA increases application availability, reduces recovery time and costs (PDF)

MRC uses SYSB-II to accelerate service for major contracts

MRC Global Inc. is a national distributor that delivers key parts and supplies to the largest energy and processing industry companies in America. It needed to process EDI orders from its largest customers faster than once per hour. See how MRC implemented SYSB-II to meet its 30-minute order-fulfillment obligations and keep CICS available to online users during batch processing, without making code changes or many process changes.

MRC Global meets SLAs by running batch more frequently (PDF)

Hanes Industries increases availability to CICS applications

Hanes Industries was using SHAREOPTION 4 to update its inventory application through batch. The problem arose when CICS would hold a resource that the batch process needed, and in turn, the batch process would hold a resource that CICS needed.

Hanes Industries increases CICS application availability

Office Depot reduces batch processing

Restrictions in Office Depot's distribution application permitted only one warehouse at a time to batch process orders. Furthermore, each process only allowed for about 800 orders to be batch processed in one step. With only one batch process allowed to run at a time and each taking 15 to 20 minutes, the last CSC in line was pressed for time to get the orders fulfilled.

How Office Depot minimizes batch windows