SYSB-II features improve CICS data availability, extend mainframe life

SYSB-II is mainframe computer software that allows batch processing to run during the business day to provide current CICS data on demand without impacting online activity. CICS applications remain fully available, and end users get up-to-date information when they need it. Do all this and learn how to minimize the batch window with SYSB-II.

SYSB-II provides these essential features:

Increase data and application availability

  • Batch can run anytime during the day to minimize the batch file time delay.
  • CICS applications remain available during batch processing.
  • Users get current data on demand because batch updates IBM VSAM mainframe files all day.
  • Batch runs without affecting terminal response time.
  • Syncpointing minimizes the time that records are held from other CICS applications.
  • SYSB-II is a lean system tool that makes batch jobs run like any other CICS transaction.

Extend the life of your mainframe

  • Leverage your existing investment in mainframe software applications and hardware.
  • Employ an alternative to DB2 migration.
  • Eliminate the need to make application source-code changes.
  • Use current resources and implement in a short timeframe.
  • Use existing staff skills without extensive retraining.

Easily implement and integrate

  • Architecture takes advantage of the long-established CICS concepts.
  • SYSB-II uses existing data and security standards.
  • SYSB-II integrates into existing processes: There is no migration to other file structures, and current support tools are used.
  • SYSB-II can be implemented one job step or one file at a time.
  • SYSB-II can be installed in only hours.
  • Companies can realize their return on investment in as little as 3 to 60 days.

Keep your existing operating environment

  • SYSB-II supports IBM z/OS, z/VSE, and CICS Transaction Server (TS).
  • SYSB-II supports but doesn’t require RLS, CICSPlex, sysplex, coupling facilities, and TCP/IP and VTAM protocols.