SYSB-II services

Achieve results quickly

Achieving results quickly is key to a successful project implementation. With H&W's SYSB-II Project Assurance Program, you will achieve timely, effective project ramp-up with measurable results within days. H&W's Project Assurance Program personnel are uniquely qualified to help you realize your return on investment (ROI) objectives on time and within budget. From product training to implementation, recovery, and performance tuning, you can be assured your project gets off the ground quickly. The SYSB-II Project Assurance Program reduces project risk, improves operations, and accelerates the time to value.

SYSB-II is mainframe computer software for IBM z/OS and z/VSE operating systems that allows batch to run on demand and minimize your batch window.

Project plan (planning for onsite project work)

  1. Define implementation team
  2. Determine application(s) involved
  3. Review application(s)
  4. Review current recovery approach(es)
  5. Define plan for recovery in a file-sharing environment
  6. Review relevant CICS settings
  7. Define timelines
  8. Agree to any adjustments to job stream(s)/CICS setup
  9. Finalize project plan implementation steps, timelines, and resource commitments
  10. Ship product for installation
  11. Complete product installation

Onsite project work (typical)

Day 1: Product training

  • Product overview
  • Installation components
  • Menu system
  • Implementation options
  • Recovery considerations
  • Subsystem parameters
  • Performance tuning
  • SYSB-II best practices

Team meeting

  • Roles and responsibilities review
  • Implementation review
  • Recovery review
  • CICS adjustment recommendations review
  • Test plan review
  • SYSB-II enablement

Day 2: Team meeting — status vs. project plan

  • SYSB-II enablement, continued
  • Testing results review
  • Performance tuning (if needed)

Day 3: Team meeting — status vs. project plan

  • SYSB-II enablement, continued
  • Recovery plan validation
  • Performance tuning (if needed)

Day 4: Team meeting — status vs. project plan

  • Review recovery methodology
  • Simulate first production run

Day 5: Team meeting — status vs. project plan

  • Production run review for acceptance
  • SYSB-II enablement review and finalization
  • Team meeting project wrap-up

For more information about SYSB-II services, or to inquire about consultation services, call 1-800-338-6692 or email