Wizard Mail

Wizard Mail is an entry level CICS-based electronic mail package that offers all standard email functions.

Technical specifications

Sending mail

The send function in Wizard Mail is where you create and edit messages, send ticklers, or post messages on the bulletin board. Wizard Mail stamps a time and date on your message and allows you to send the message as Registered or Urgent, Confidential or Non-Confidential. You may also send carbon copies of a message. Wizard's QuickMail function lets you get a message to someone fast by delivering a 70-character message line at the top of their screen no matter where they are in the CICS region.

Reading mail

Reading Mail capabilities include reading new or reviewing old mail, rerouting mail, or answering a message. When you reroute a message, Wizard Mail protects the original text from being modified. You can save a message for future use, put it on hold, or delete it. You can also authorize someone else (alternate user) to read messages for you while you're away from the office. You designate what types of messages your alternate can read (non-confidential or all messages).

Directory of messages

You can look at mail in a variety of ways: New Mail, Old Mail, Filed Mail, Saved Mail, Common Mail, and Future Ticklers.

Mailing lists

Sending messages to a group of people is easy with mail lists. Wizard Mail supports unlimited mail lists as well as private mail lists.

Filing messages

Wizard Mail's filing cabinet lets you file new and old messages in folders. You can create an unlimited number of folders and add an unlimited number of messages to a folder. After a message is filed, a copy of the message is stored indefinitely. Since the message is a copy of the original, you can either delete the filed message or the original without affecting the other.

User lists

To look up a user, you can list all users alphabetically, by department, or by phone extension. If you need to find more detailed information on a user, you can also view individual user profiles.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletins are messages stored or posted for viewing in a shared environment. Wizard Mail supports a Directory of Bulletins and a Directory of Company News bulletin board.


Wizard Mail's scheduling system allows you to schedule meetings for yourself, other users, or departments. The scheduler automatically checks for time conflicts and notifies you. If you have meetings that occur regularly, Wizard Mail will schedule the meeting for you on a continual basis or until a specified date.

Wizard Mail allows 14 lines of text to describe the meeting or to tell each attendee what to prepare for the meeting. You can also give your alternate user the ability to confirm/reject meetings that you have been invited to.

To view your upcoming events or meetings at a glance, you can look at your daily or weekly schedule. You can display your schedule, other users' schedules, or a group's schedules.

If you want to check the status of a meeting, Wizard Mail will list the names of the attendees and whether they have confirmed, will not attend, or have not answered yet.

Additional features of Calendars/Scheduling

  • Check past events
  • End date support
  • Ability to cancel a scheduled meeting
  • Automatic notification of scheduled meetings
  • Three-month calendar display

Online Help

If you're not sure what to do next, simply call up a Help screen. Wizard will take you directly to the help information for the screen you are on at the time. You can then page forward or backward to get to the information you need.

Additional features of Wizard Mail

  • 50,000+ word dictionary
  • Word wrap and Text merge for editing
  • Site-definable PF keys displayed on all screens
  • Unlimited users
  • Message text up to 99 pages, 14 lines each
  • Command lines on all screens
  • Messages can be printed online or in batch mode
  • JES print capability
  • Automatic printing of new mail to CICS printers
  • Ability to print more than 14 lines on a CICS printer
  • Ability through user exit to limit access to Wizard Mail facilities
  • Support for CICS 3.3 and above
  • Optional interfaces to MHS, PROFs, IIN, and OfficeVision.


The following documentation is provided:

  • Wizard Mail Installation Manual
  • Wizard Mail Administration Manual
  • Wizard Mail Reference Manual
  • Software comes on 3480 cartridges unless H&W is previously notified

For more information, contact an H&W Account Executive at (800) 338-6692 or email us at webtrack@hwcs.com.