SYSD/JFT allows you to create CICS panels for mainframe job and file tailoring

SYSD/JFT (Job and File Tailoring) is an optional interface to SYSD that allows programmers easily to develop interactive CICS panels for tailored job submission and file updating. An alternative to ISPF file tailoring, SYSD/JFT permits a user to submit JCL without seeing any JCL statements.

Features of SYSD/JFT include easy editing and verification of user input; easy screen definition; and dynamic panel, skeleton, and message processing.

SYSD/JFT allows programmers to create CICS panels in the ISPF-like, panel-driven dialog manager using the same type of definitions for displaying screens as the ISPF Dialog Manager. A panel consists of up to five different sections:

)ATTR Assigns characters as attribute bytes.
)BODY Defines the look of a screen.
)INIT Contains "before executed" logic statements.
)PROC Contains "after executed" logic statements
)END Marks the end of a panel.

SYSD/JFT allows someone like a systems programmer to generate these panels and then make them available to all users. A programmer can customize panels to match the end-users' level of expertise. Because panel logic handles all the conversion, inexperienced users don’t need to learn JCL to customize application-generated reports.

SYSD/JFT keeps users in CICS while the "no mistakes" panel input ensures correct results from online job submissions and file updates.