SYSJ is an application development tool that creates SYSOUT data sets on the JES2 spool from CICS. It operates in foreground and background mode and supports all SYSOUT parameters.

Product overview

Sending CICS reports to JES through SYSJ increases user access to essential data. SYSJ can relieve CICS of print applications overhead while expanding report distribution to your entire JES system. The delivery of information when and where it is needed can save hours previously lost in document transfer, thereby reducing both data processing and personnel costs. SYSJ takes very little memory and installs in one hour; changes to application programs are minimal.

Technical specifications


SYSJ is a CICS application interface to your current JES report distribution system. It offers the following features:

  • CICS application access to SYSOUT creation
  • Ability to queue data to selected printers
  • Support for all SYSOUT parameters
  • Optional background/foreground processing

SYSOUT parameters

SYSJ supports soft-coded SYSOUT parameters in JCL OUTPUT statements. If parameters change, then only the OUTPUT card needs updating; this eliminates the expensive task of changing the applications and recompiling. SYSJ supports all OUTPUT parameters. The parameters available for direct SYSOUT disposition control are: Writer-ID, OUTPUT Reference, Class, Destination, FCB, Form, UCS, Carriage Control, Hold, Copies, and more.

Background mode

Background processing is performed with CICS program control STARTs. Your CICS programs pass SYSJ the desired data set in CICS temporary storage or transient data queues. SYSJ then OPENs the SYSOUT with the specified parameters, WRITEs the entire CICS temporary storage or transient data queue, and CLOSEs the SYSOUT, optionally purging the queue.

Background processing is recommended since CICS applications do not have to wait for the SYSOUT processing to finish before regaining control.

Foreground mode

Foreground, or single record mode, gives users the flexibility to bypass the temporary storage facility when submitting a small report. It is performed with CICS program LINKs to SYSJ. This process delivers data to JES while you wait. SYSOUT data sets are immediately available.

Queue data to printers

Available criteria within SYSJ allows users to queue the data to a selected printer by specifying writer-ID, destination and/or class. Optional OUTPUT references can be specified in CICS's JCL job stream rather than in SYSJ. This alternative SYSOUT capability keeps the product functional for technical users without impacting the SYSJ friendly approach so vital to the casual user.

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