SYSS provides the capability to read existing reports (JES2 or OS data sets) and create specific reports based on individual, department, or remote site requirements. SYSS eliminates the expensive task of creating new programs or changing current programs to create specific user reports.

Product overview

SYSS executes as a batch program. Users define control statements to tell SYSS where report(s) exist, either in the JES2 spool or OS data set, and then how to split that report. A set of filtering statements permit the simplest to the most sophisticated criteria to be used in generating customized reports.

Technical specifications

Create multiple versions of reports

One execution of SYSS combines reports from multiple input sources. Reports from JOB A and JOB B and data set A.B.C. are combined by SYSS and then output to one or more reports with just one pass of the input.

SYSS creates an internal page image from the input source data. Each output report's selection criteria are then applied to the internal page image and, if selected, the data is written to the output report.

New report versions are created by SYSS in additional production job STEPs or in separate jobs without production reruns or application program changes.

SYSS screen shot

Output reports

Output reports are generated either at the page or line level. That is, if the selection is based at the page level, then the entire page is copied to the output report when selected. At the line level, only those lines that satisfy the selection criteria are written to the output report.

For instance, before a report is downloaded to a PC, SYSS processes the carriage control definitions to include white space so that users can easily read or print the report from their PC application.

Copy function

SYSS copy function will make a copy of a single report. In this manner, a "read-only" print is possible. The new copy can be routed to JES writers and purged without affecting the original report.

Practical usages

  • Split departmental reports from massive company reports.
  • Get the right data to the right people at the right time.
  • Give your technical support personnel the ability to print off only the pages of control blocks or the trace table from large CICS/MVS dumps.
  • Copy an inventory report from the SPOOL to a file for program analysis or manipulation.

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